Charter a Cessna Citation 510 Mustang


Key benefits of the Cessna Citation 510 Mustang:

  • Extended range of 1,200 miles would mean you don’t have to stop for refueling now and then.
  • Super-fast speed of 777 kmph (483 mph) brings your destination closer every second!
  • Auto climate control to soothe your flying experience.
  • Eye refreshing cabin
  • Can fit up to 5 passengers.

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All About Cessna Citation 510 Mustang

The Cessna Citation 510 Mustang is an aircraft launched by Cessna in their line-up of small jets, and received its FAA type certification back in 2006.

Since then, it has gained popularity as one of the most versatile aircraft in the category of Very Light Jets (VLJs). The practicality of the CE-510 covers a range of applications from some quick trips with your family, to the urgent business meetings you have to attend away from your home city.

The Mustang offers ultimate performance and luxury within your budget which is why it has more than 400 aircrafts functioning in all corners of the world. It is amongst the most commonly used aircrafts for short trips under a couple of hours.

Cabin Experience

The Citation 510 Mustang has a very welcoming and lavish cabin which makes you love it in the first sight because of its sleek design. Though the cabin is compactly adjusted in this light aircraft, it gives a spacious feeling because of its six large tempered glass oval windows and the club seating.


cessna citation 510 mustang

“The premium quality leather seats along with the automatic climate control system makes the cabin feel as comfortable as being at home.”

The cabin of the CE-510 is equipped with stowable tables and glass holders at adequate spots, so you can enjoy the pleasure of having your favorite meals, or a drink with your beloved friends and family at altitudes over 40,000 feet.

The flight experience of the Mustang CE-510 exceeds your expectations because of the luxury it offers while being economical and light on your pocket.

Speed and Performance

The CE-510 is a twin engine aircraft equipped with PW615F turbofans which generate a powerful thrust of 1460 lbs each. The speed of this aircraft shows how well it has been engineered.

You can cruise it at speeds of about 340 knots or 630 km/h which means that it can fly you from New York to Chicago in less than two hours.

“Considering that the Citation Mustang CE-510 falls in the category of VLJs, its top speed is remarkable being at 777 km/h (Mach number of 0.63).”

The rate of climb for this jet is 3,110ft; 948m during the take off so you are flying at your service ceiling of 41,000 feet within minutes. This provides you a smooth and fast traveling experience.

How far can I fly with a Citation 510 Mustang?

The Citation 510 Mustang has the capability to cover more than 1,200 nmi within a single flight which gives you complete peace of mind while flying on shorter routes. It means that you can travel from Chicago to Havana without having to make a single fuel stop.

“Hence, the Citation 510 is the go-to option if you are looking to make a time efficient travel to a city not so far away.”

How many passengers can I fly on 510 Mustang?

The CE-510 can be operated under both single and dual pilot configurations, but for your own safety, First Jets suggests flying with two pilots at an instance.

“It can ideally accommodate four passengers in its cabin, but with its spacious cabin and high maximum takeoff weight, you can adjust a fifth passenger as well.”

Although the aircraft is very light, you need not to go light on your baggage, because the Citation 510 offers an ample baggage capacity of 57 ft3, which can comfortably fit in your large suitcases.

Comparable Aircrafts

“Citation 510 Mustang competes directly with the Embraer Phenom 100 and the Eclipse EA-500.”

However, Mustang outnumbers the Phenom 100 with its longer range and shorter runway, and the Eclipse with its higher speed and longer range.

All of these aircrafts are suitable for shorter journeys with fewer passengers, and provide similar level of comfort and convenience.

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