14 / 03 / 2021

Bombardier Learjet 70/75

Discover the Learjet 70/75 light to medium jet.

Bombardier Learjet 70/75


The Learjet 70/75 is a light to medium jet which was produced by Bombardier’s iconic Learjet division in Wichita, Kansas, United States. It is the successor of the Learjet 40/45 with upgrades to the cabin, engines, avionics, and aerodynamics. Production was discontinued in 2021 when Bombardier decided to focus on the higher margin Global and Challenger lines.


Cabin Experience

The Learjet 70 can carry up to 6 passengers with the first two rows facing each other. The Learjet 75 can carry up to 8 passengers with the first two rows as well as the last two rows facing each other. It is a great aircraft for flights during the day.


The Learjet 70/75 reach a maximum cruising speed of 0.81 mach or 860 km/h in high-speed cruise, making it a great aircraft for fast trips between European cities. It was the fastest jet of its category when it was launched in 2013. Long-range speed is slightly slower at 801 km/h.

For which flights is the Bombardier Learjet 70/75 suited best?

The Learjet 70/75 is a great aircraft for fast trips between European cities. It delivers a great travel experience as it provides features of larger aircraft within a relatively small but efficient medium jet.

How far can I fly with a Learjet 70/75?

The Learjet 70/75 can fly up to 3,778/3,815 km, implying flight times of up to slightly less than 5 hours. From London all major Western and Eastern European cities are within reach as are destinations in Northern Africa (e.g., Marrakech) and the Middle East (e.g., Tel Aviv). Dubai, however, is out of reach from most European cities.

What are comparable Aircraft of the Learjet 70/75?

A comparable aircraft to the Learjet is Embraer’s Phenom 300 or the Hawker 900.


Bombardier Learjet 70/75 Specifications


Crew 2 Pilots + Cabin Attendant on request
Capacity 6-8 passengers
Length 16.9–17.6m
Wingspan 15.5m
Height 4.3m
Cabin Length 5.4–6.0m
Cabin Width 1.56m
Cabin Height 1.50m
Baggage Volume 1.4m³
Takeoff Distance 1,289–1,353m
Landing Distance 811m
Maximum operating Altitude 15,545m
Range 3,778–3,810 km


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