How to Charter a Private Jet

Learn more about the effortless experience of chartering a private jet with FirstJets.

How to charter a private jet
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A seamless booking experience

A seamless booking experience

At FirstJets, we harness the power of our exclusive booking platform to secure the most competitive private jet prices available in the market. By simply providing us with your private jet flight details, we take charge of orchestrating every aspect of your journey with meticulous care and precision.

Request your private jet flight

To initiate your private jet travel experience, kindly provide us with your flight details, encompassing departure and arrival cities, date, and passenger count, using our convenient website booking form, or through email or phone communication.

Receive private jet options

Your dedicated Flight Excellence team specialist will meticulously screen all accessible private jets, utilizing our proprietary search function, to present you with a carefully curated selection of the finest available aircraft for your personalized private jet charter.

Confirm your private jet flight

Upon confirming your preferred private jet type, we shall expeditiously secure the aircraft for your charter. Subsequently, you will receive the comprehensive private jet charter contract and all requisite flight documentation, assuring a seamless and efficient process.

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Explore the Worldby Private Jet

Explore the World by Private Jet

Indulge in the boundless possibilities of private aviation, allowing you to traverse the world on your terms. Embark on a journey of exploration, embracing a myriad of destinations spanning the globe, while relishing the utmost comfort, privacy, and luxury. FirstJets offers an exclusive gateway to the private jet charter experience you’ve been yearning for – delve deeper into the realm of possibilities through our dedicated FirstJets travel guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you need to go through the normal terminal when chartering a private jet?

    No. You will typically be able to use a so-called private aviation terminal that ensures maximum privacy and the most efficient use of your time. FirstJets therefore would always recommend you to use smaller airports as those are usually quicker in handling.

  • Can I take pets on board of a private jet?

    Yes. Please let us know early on in the booking process so that we can make sure your pets have the best private jet flight experience.

  • When do I need to arrive at the terminal before my private jet flight?

    Depending on the routing and local airport specificities, you should be at the airport 15-40min before your private jet departure. Passport controls and higher amounts of luggage may indicate the need to arrive a bit earlier.

  • How much luggage can I take on a private jet?

    The luggage capacity of our private jets is very high and may allow you to bring up to 6 pieces of luggage per passenger.

  • How much does it cost to charter a private jet?

    The cost of chartering a private jet varies according to aircraft size and distance travelled. Reach out to our FirstJets Flight Excellence team to determine the exact pricing structure for your desired travel destination.

  • Can I choose my flight departure time?

    A significant advantage of flying private is the flexibility. You determine when you would like to depart. Some airports have opening times that restrict departure time. That said our experience and connections will allow you greater flexibility when choosing an airport and your departure time.

  • Can I fly to multiple destination on the same day?

    Certainly. We will help you achieve your desired travel route, no matter the number of stops. The limitation of Crew Duty will always be considered as safety is our outmost concern.

  • Can I change the schedule or itinerary of my flight?

    Generally we are able to accomedate any laste minute changes to the schedule and itinerary. In certain cases this may lead to additional fees as permits need to be requested again.

  • Can I add last-minute passengers to my flight?

    As long as there is enough seating on your chosen aircraft and the maximum take-off weight has not been reached it is possible to add passengers last-minute. Depending on the airport and type of flight you are on, additional fees such as passenger taxes and catering costs may occur.

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We offer one of the most diverse fleets in the industry, from small helicopters, via turboprops for remote airports, up to VIP airliners for 50+ guests. No matter the distance, no matter your party size, we are your partner to trust.