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Why charter your private jet with FirstJets?

Our mission is to make private jet charter as relaxing, convenient and effortless as possible. Discover why flying with FirstJets is the best way to travel the globe.

Private Jet Charter Dassault Falcon 900LX
firstjets private jet charter book your flight cheap
firstjets private jet charter book your flight cheap
Full Flexibility

Tailor Your Exclusive Private Jet Experience

Tailor Your Exclusive Private Jet Experience

The privilege of private aviation empowers you with an unparalleled ability to personalize your flight experience in accordance with your discerning preferences. Whether it entails specifying the precise departure time and location, selecting the countries to explore, or indulging in a delightful culinary journey en route, we stand committed to realizing your every wish.

Elevating your flight to an integral aspect of your overall journey, we assure you a seamless and immersive experience from the very moment you set foot on board until the homeward-bound return. Relaxation becomes second nature as our attentive services tailor to your every need, ensuring that your flight, too, becomes an exceptional and gratifying chapter in your travel narrative.

Endless Opportunities

Explore the World by Private Jet

Explore the World by Private Jet

With FirstJets as your esteemed travel companion, the breadth of destinations shall remain beholden solely to the expanse of your imagination. Merely apprise us of your desired location and esteemed company, and we shall orchestrate the rest. Whether it be a rendezvous of romance, a cherished family escapade, an urban sojourn to New York, or an odyssey to the southern cape of Argentina – all aspirations find fruition within our privileged offerings. Embrace the epitome of tailored travel and charter your private jet with FirstJets.
Highest Efficiency

Time is the Most Precious Good in the World

Time is the Most Precious Good in the World

Efficiency is paramount when it comes to managing your time. By opting for a private charter over conventional commercial flights, you stand to gain an impressive time-saving advantage of up to 70%, particularly concerning the hours often spent waiting at airports. With FirstJets, your journey commences precisely when you arrive, and, aided by a devoted team of pilots, you are swiftly transported to your destination with utmost expedition. Embracing private aviation exemplifies the epitome of an efficient and streamlined flying experience.

A truly global fleet

Explore our Aircraft

Ultra Long Range Jets

The most luxurious and comfortable way to fly private. Whether long-haul or short haul.

Heavy Jets

Enjoy the range of a Medium Jet paired with the comfort of a Heavy Long-Haul Aircraft.

Super Midsize Jets

Your Go-To aircraft for an extra level of space and comfort on medium and short-haul flights.

Midsize Jets

Enjoy the flexibility of a Light Jet paired with the comfort of a Medium Jet.

Light Jets / Super Light Jets

Add another layer of comfort while enjoying a high level of flexibility with regards to your airport choice.

Entry Level Jets

Enjoy the benefits and flexibility of smaller airports. The most affordable way of flying private.

Our Priorities

Service, Safety & Sustainability.

We will always be there for your assistance during your travel.

Nothing is more important to us than your safety.

We are committed to making private aviation sustainable.


By screening the global market of available private jets, a dedicated team of specialists ensures that FirstJets’ clients always get the most competitive private jet prices available.


FirstJets is committed to preserving the environment for future generations. We collaborate with our partners to achieve net zero emissions on all private jet flights booked with FirstJets.


The FirstJets Flight Excellence team around the globe fullfills all client needs and wishes for your private jet charter in a timely matter. You let us know, we take care of the rest. Charter your private jet in the most relaxing way possible.

Top Private Jet Destinations

Private Jet from / to Paris

Discover the Private Jet Destination of Paris

Private Jet from / to Dubai

Charter your Private Jet ✈ to / from Dubai for your next trip. Charter with FirstJets for the best prices and highest…

Private Jet from / to London

Discover the private jet destination London

Top Aircraft

Bombardier Challenger 350

Charter the Bombardier Challenger 350 today and fly non-stop up to 5h – Rome to Dubai without fuel stop.

Embraer Legacy 650 (E) 

Discover the Legacy 650E super medium jet.

Gulfstream G550

Discover the Gulfstream G550 long-range jet.