21 / 11 / 2021

Embraer Legacy 650 (E) 

Discover the Legacy 650E super medium jet.

Charter a Embraer Legacy 650 (E)

 The Legacy 650 E is a super medium jet produced by the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer. It’s the predecessor of the current super medium jet Praetor 600 and the successor of the Legacy 600 which is using the same structure but less range efficient engines than the Legacy 650 / 650 E. During its production time of 2009 to 2019 Embraer has sold over 100 units of which currently about 96 are still in operation. Europe herby counts for the largest fleet percentage with 38%, followed by Asia with 36% and America with 12% each for North and South America.  

 The Legacy 650 is a cost efficient long-haul charter jet. Which make it ideal for small to medium size group trips to destinations that are up to 6 flight hours away.  


Cabin Experience  

 The Embraer Legacy 650 can carry up to 14 passengers in three cabin zones that are also one of the quietest. Which consist normally of a first section with 4 club chairs followed by a dinner area with 4 seats and a conference table and a one sofa and 2 club chair configuration in the back which can be turned into a flatbed for overnight flights. The second and third section are depending on the configuration of the plane separated by curtains or a wooden wall.   



 The Embraer Legacy 650 can reach a maximum cruising speed of 835 km/h or 459 knots which makes it an efficient aircraft for long haul charter flights whether that’s from London to New York or Paris to Dubai.  


For which flights is the Legacy 650 suited best? 

The Legacy 650 and Legacy 650 E are both ideal aircraft if you are looking to fly with a larger group to destinations of up to 6 flight hours or if you are looking to fly overnight FirstJets would recommend you to fly with a maximum of 8 passengers.    


How far can I fly with a Legacy 650? 

 The Legacy 650 can fly up to 3,919 nm or 7,215 km which are in flight hours around 6.5 hours. With that range you can easily reach London from New York or Dubai out of Paris when chartering the Legacy 650.    


What are comparable Aircraft of the Legacy 650? 

Comparable aircraft would be the G280 by the US aircraft manufacturer Gulfstream or the candian Bombardier Challenger 350. Both are medium / super medium jets and are having a similar range however they lag behind with the maximum number of passengers which are in both cases depending on the configuration only 8. Whereas the Falcon 900LX of the French aircraft manufacturer would have a higher range of up to 4,695 nm at similar operating costs per hour.   

 Embraer Legacy 650 Specifications


Crew  2 Pilots + Cabin Attendant 
Capacity  13 passengers  
Length  15.6m / 86 ft 5 in 
Wingspan  15.9m / 69 ft 5 in  
Height   5.0m / 21 ft 9 in 
Cabin Length  49 ft 10 in 
Cabin Width   6 ft 11 in 
Cabin Height  6 ft  
Baggage Volume  87.2 m³ / 286 ft³ 
Takeoff Distance   1,750 m / 5,741 ft 
Landing Distance   867 m/ 2,842 ft 
Service Altitude  12,500 m / 41,000 ft 
Range  7,215 km / 3,900 nm 


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