22 / 03 / 2022

Cessna Citation XLS 

Discover the Cessna Citation XLS light jet.

Charter a Cessna Citation XLS 


The Cessna Citation XLS is one of the customer favorites and best selling private jets of all time. The go-to American mid-sized jet provides the flexibility both of flying in and out of smaller airports, yet offering a spacious cabin with superior comfort and greater productivity. The versatile Citation XLS is designed for both business travels, as well as sport trips accommodating for ski or golf luggage. 


Cabin Experience  

The cabin of the Citation XLS offers you the comfort of a midsize jet and can carry up to 8 passengers. The state-of-the-art cabin featuring ergonomically designed leather seats, enhanced lighting as well as an updated cabin technology guarantees superior comfort and allows crews to bring their best to you.  



The Citation XLS reaches a maximum cruising speed of 441 kts or 816 km/h in high-speed cruise, making it a great aircraft for fast trips between European cities. Long-range speed is slightly slower at 801 km/h.  


For which flights is the Citation XLS suited best? 

The Citation XLS is a great aircraft for fast trips between European cities as well as decentral airports with short runways. It delivers a great travel experience as it provides the merits of a highly modern and comfortable cabin that allows you to reach any airport of your choice. 


How far can I fly with a Citation XLS? 

 The Citation XLS can fly up to 3,889 km, implying flight times of up to 4 hours. From London all major Western and Eastern European cities are within reach as well as destinations such as Moscow or Northern Africa (e.g., Marrakech). 


What are comparable Aircraft of the Citation XLS? 

A comparable aircraft to the XLS is Embraer’s Phenom 300 or Bombardier‘s Learjet 75. 


 Cessna Citation XLS Specifications


Crew  2 Pilots + Cabin Attendant on request  
Capacity  8 passengers 
Length  16m 
Wingspan  17.2m 
Height   5.2m 
Cabin Length  5.6m 
Cabin Width   1.7m 
Cabin Height  1.7m 
Baggage Volume  2.5m³
Takeoff Distance   1,097m 
Landing Distance  969m 
Maximum operating Altitude  13,716m 
Range  3,889km 


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