22 / 03 / 2022

Gulfstream G650

Discover the G650 ultra-long range jet.

Charter a Gulfstream G650


The Gulfstream 650 – or short G650 – is currently the flagship model of the US based aircraft manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace and is also industry wide one of the leading heavy jets on the market to charter. Development of the G650 began back in 2005 with the first model to be delivered to its customer in late 2012 and two years later in 2014 Gulfstream presented the G650ER (ER standing for extended range) which could load up to 400 pounds more fuel and as a result reach a range of up to 13,900 km at a speed of mach 0.85.

The G650ER scored in March 2019 a speed and distance record with its non-stop flight from Singapore to Tucson in Arizona US finishing the distance of 15.518 km with an average speed of mach 0.85 (1007 kmh). Furthermore, has the G650 earned the Robert J Collier trophy in 2014 and Gulfstream has been awarded the Sustainability Leadership Award by the Business Intelligence Group for its push to develop sustainable aviation fuel – see our Article about sustainable aviation fuel here.


Cabin Experience

Gulfstream has developed the cabin of the G650 to be one of the quiest in business aviation making long haul flights as relaxing as possible. Additionally to that Gulfstream has designed the cabin to be able to increase the minimum cabin pressure so passengers arrive more relaxed and are having less jetlag. Sixteen panoramic extra large oval windows are letting more light in the cabin than in any other business jet in its class.

The spacious cabin of the G650 with a height of 1.91m, 14.27m long and a width of 2.49m make it ideal for long haul charter flights allowing you to walk around or relax in the four different areas of the plane. Depending on the configuration of the G650 it can fit up to 19 passengers during daytime. The comfortable 19 seats can be switched by the cabin crew into 10 beds for overnight charter flights.

Thanks to the special air circulation system by Gulfstream the air is changed and filtered every two minutes suppling the passengers on board with continues fresh air. This gives you additional safety in times of the global Covid19 pandemic.

The Gulfstream 650 will always be flown by two pilots and consists on long-haul flights of a cabin crew of up to two members which will be able to help you with all kind of requests while being on board. If you wish to have a special selection of unique wines or would enjoy some special catering just mention it to your FirstJets flight specialist and our team will make every effort to make your wishes come true.


The G650 can reach a max speed of up to Mach 0.90 making it one of the fastest heavy business chats to charter on the market. Even at a regular cruising speed of up to Mach 0.85 you can reach New York from London as quick and efficient as possible.

For which flights is the G650 suited best?

The Gulfstream 650 is best suited for long-haul charter flights of more than 5h flight time. Given that for most short-haul flights the G650 is not able to play out its main advantages in comparison to lighter jets as the Challenger series or the Phenom 300E. The large size of the aircraft makes it a very comfortable aircraft for charter flights however some smaller airports are not equipped with long enough runways. Therefor FirstJets would recommend you a charter G650 if you are looking to travel with a larger group of on long-haul flights.

How far can I fly with a Gulfstream G650?

The G650 is able to fly up to 12,964 kilometers or 7,000  nautical miles which gives you the possibility to fly from London to Male without a single fuel stop. Or step on board in the evening in New York and wake up again at the Cote d’Azur. The G650 still marks 13 years after its introduction the gold class of its league. For further information about the capabilities of the G650 feel free to reach out to our Team of first class aviation specialist that can answer you all questions about your next charter flight onboard of a Gulfstream 650.

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