21 / 03 / 2022

Bombardier Global 7500 

Charter the flagship Bombardier Global 7500 via FirstJets at the best rate and fly with up to 16 guest for up to 12h – non-stop from London to the Tokyo.

Bombardier Global 7500 


The Bombardier Global 7500 is the current flagship of the Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier and part of the Global series which Bombardier introduced back in 2018 with the Global Express. Since its introduction the Global 7500 is till now not only the largest business jet in the world but also the one with the largest range of up to 7,700 nautical miles. This makes this one of the most luxurious ways to fly long haul for example from London to Cape Town or New York to Dubai.  

Cabin Experience  

 Bombardieres Smooth Flex Wing technology offers passengers on board of the Global 7500 one of the industries smoothes rides while giving the pilots maximum control and agility at all speeds. The Global 7500 is offering up to four licing spaces some configured with its own Master Suite equipped with a full size bed. Together with Bombardier’s Soleil lighting system that can change the light temperature depending of daytime or nightime offers the Global 7500 the perfect flight experience on long distance flights like from London to the Maldives.  


Not only when it comes to luxurious travel has the Global 7500 set a new standard but also the top speed of up to 530 knots or 982 kmh enables you to travel as quick and smooth as possible.  

How far can I fly with a Bombardier Global 7500? 

 The Global 7500 is able to fly up to 14,250 kilometers or 7700 nautical miles which gives you the possibility to fly from Singapre to San Francisco without a single fuel stop. Or step on board in the evening in Hong Kong and wake up again in New York. With the Global 7500 Bombardier has reshaped the way of ultra-long private jet flights.  

With how many passengers can I fly on a Global 7500? 

 A Global 7500 will always be flown by two pilots and will have one or two cabin crew members on board who will take care of all your needs and whishes during your stay on board. During a day flight a Global 7500 can seat up to 17 passengers in normal configuration and offers up to 7 beds overnight depending on the configuration of the specific aircraft. Well free to discuss with your FirstJets Flight Excellence Team the configuration of the specific plane or let him/her know upfront so FirstJets can source the optimal plane for your journey.  

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